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In our quest to offer you the best robusta coffee, we have collaborated this year with Sajonia Estate Coffee, which launched a robusta coffee marketing program in 2020, working hand in hand with small producers in Nueva Guinea, in the Southern Caribbean region of Nicaragua. This program provides producers with access to financing, technical assistance, and a marketing channel offering fair and attractive prices compared to those available before Sajonia's arrival in the region. The initial goal was to promote and market quality robusta coffee, using a natural process and adhering to quality standards to meet international market demand.

The robusta growers working with Sajonia Estate Coffee are generally small and medium-sized producers, cultivating between 1 and 50 hectares. They often diversify their crops with staple grains, tubers, and cocoa, and also keep a few cows for milk production.

Tasting notes: Chocolate, earthy, tobacco, slightly fruity.
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