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NICARAGUA - MARACATURRA (18,00$/LB) **On sale**

NICARAGUA - MARACATURRA (18,00$/LB) **On sale**

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During our last visit to Nicaragua, we had the opportunity to visit Finca La Orquidea and meet its owner, Arjen. From the moment we arrived, we were struck by the incredible maintenance of this farm and its perfect integration into the surrounding nature. Approximately 80% of its surface area is located in a protected mountainous zone, which is part of the "Cerro Datanlí-El Diablo" nature reserve. This farm is situated in the city of Matagalpa, bordered to the north by Lake Apanás, to the east by the Tuma River, to the south by the Matagalpa Valley, and to the west by the Jinotega and Parsila valleys.

Furthermore, thanks to its location in a microclimate that offers optimal growing conditions, and with meticulous and attentive harvesting, this coffee won 9th place in the 2023 Cup of Excellence.

SCA score : 88

Variety : Maracaturra

Region : Matagalpa

Altitude : 1400 meters

Harvest : 2022 / 2023

Process : Washed

Density : 0,723 g/ml

Moisture content : 12 %

Notes : Floral, lemonade, green apple, black tea, brown sugar | Extremely complex, with an evolving and persistent taste


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