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During our visit to Honduras last March, we had the chance to meet an incredible family who warmly welcomed us to their farm.

We met Bryan, a young third-generation farmer who became passionate about specialty coffee a few years ago. His father, Juan Adolfo, had started growing coffee many years ago, expanding the farm to nearly 50 hectares, but focusing on conventional coffee.

Bryan inherited a portion of the land after graduating from university in 2017. Shortly after, he faced challenges such as rust disease and falling market prices.

Bryan worked with local experts from IHCAFE to begin producing microlots. After early success, they went all in on specialty coffee.

Together with his father and his mother, Maria Dolores, they form an incredible team and, within a few years, have converted their farm to focus entirely on high-end microlots.

The name of the farm, Finca Adolfo, comes from the name he shares with his grandfather and father. Initially, Finca Adolfo only produced the Lempira variety, but over time, Bryan diversified production to varieties with better potential. The farm has 11 productive hectares and 1 hectare of forest with a natural water spring that they protect as a natural reserve.

In recent years, labor has been a particular challenge. Despite this, they continue to improve their farm by renovating parts with other varieties and installing more solar drying beds.

SCAA score: 86.5

Producer: Bryan Adolfo Bautista Zelaya

Farm name: Adolfo

Farm location: Musula, Marcala, La Paz

Farm size: 11 hectares

Varieties: Catuai

Elevation: 1400 to 1540 meters

Harvest: 2023 / 2024

Process: Natural

Moisture content: 10%

Density: 0.715 g/ml

Tasting notes: Tamarind aroma and flavor with notes of pineapple and a bright acidity and a balanced body


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