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Coffee roaster | ARC 800 (Used)

Coffee roaster | ARC 800 (Used)

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The Arc 800 is a high quality small coffee roaster that is easy to install and intuitive. The capacity of this machine ranges from 100 to 800 g of green coffee, making it an excellent sample roaster for micro roasters.

This small roaster is also perfect for home use or for nano roasters who are just starting out in the field. It is built with sturdy industrial materials, ensuring its durability and roasting stability from one cook to the next, making it ideal for continuous production days. The Arc 800 is fully manual and connectable, allowing the user to control the air pressure, element voltage modulation, and drum speed, while monitoring the roasting progress with the help of software such as Artisan or Cropster.



COLOR : Black and white

WEIGHT : 115 lb (52.2 kg)

ELECTRICITY : 220v / 14 amp / 3000w

DIMENSIONS : 31 x 19 x 30 inches (depth x width x height)

WARRANTY : 30 days


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